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The Mews Inn: Afresco, an innovative approach to an age-old need, a need for shelter - rooms range from basic shared to private suites. Large common spaces and a communal kitchen provide plenty of room for stories long and short as you explore the area's treasures. An ecological meeting point for mountain explorers and art lovers. The 1840's wooden structure, which once housed agricultural supplies to meet the needs of this mountainous rural community over a hundred years ago, now houses 14 beautifully decorated, fully air-conditioned rooms powered by renewable energy - collected from a 100-mile radius. solar and heat pump; clean filtered air all year round and cooled all summer.

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Property name:The Mews Inn

Street address:North Street, 147

City :Rochester - Vermont


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Contact name:McKay

Telephone: 8023490979


  • lobby
  • printer
  • check-in 24 horas
  • accessible parking
  • air conditioning
  • bicycle rental
  • Board games/puzzles
  • Books, DVDs, music for children
  • carbon monoxide detector
  • accept cashless payment
  • CCTV in public areas
  • CCTV outside the property
  • Public areas are disinfected daily
  • Check-in/check-out sem contato
  • Cycling
  • Check-in/check-out expresso
  • facilities for the disabled
  • family room
  • fire extinguisher
  • fireplace, outdoor
  • First aid kit
  • garden
  • Guests can opt out of daily housekeeping
  • heating
  • walk
  • Honeymoon/bridal suite
  • indoor leisure area
  • a Internet
  • account
  • key card or body control
  • library
  • Sheets, towels and clothing are laundered in accordance with local authority guidelines
  • follow local safety regulations
  • cabinet
  • low washbasin
  • Minimarket/convenience store
  • movie night
  • non-smoking room
  • outdoor furniture
  • picnic area
  • Check-in/check-out privado
  • The hotel is wheelchair accessible.
  • raised toilet
  • rechargeable water station
  • sanitized cutlery
  • Screens between employees/guests when needed
  • security alert
  • shared kitchen
  • Shared lounge/TV area
  • ski
  • Smoke detector
  • non-smoking hotel
  • Museum of Temporary Art
  • balcony
  • WC with grab bars
  • Change of towels on request
Check-in/check-out policy

This property has the following check-in and check-out times and policies:

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To check:11.00 AM

Late check-out time:12h

Late check-out fee:20%

late check-out (after11.00 AMBefore12h) may incur a fee.

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Ownership and cancellation policy:

Cancellation and Booking Fees.
Flexible cancellation fee:100% deposit required at time of booking. 80% of reservations are refundable up to 2 days before check-in at 3pm. Bookings canceled up to 2 days after 3pm check-in will receive a 20% refund. There are no exceptions to this policy. Reservations are not transferable to new dates or future points. No show will be charged in full. However, there will be no charge for add-ons.

There are no exceptions to these policies. Bookings cannot be moved to other dates to avoid cancellation fees. You will be charged the same fee when canceling your original date and when rescheduling your trip, including changes to existing reservations. Deaths, injuries, weather, etc. by COVID-19 are not considered grounds for exemption.

terms and conditions

By completing this reservation, I agree and confirm that I am bound by all terms and conditions set forth by The Stable Inn LLC. I further certify that I will complete a guest agreement form prior to my arrival at The Stable Inn.
Check-in e check-out:Check-in is at 3 pm and check-out is at 11 am. Upon check-in, you will receive your room number and access card on the day of arrival. If arriving after hours, the check-in envelope will be placed in a locked box in the main entrance hall. Payments will be processed using the registered card.

--Late checkout:Late check-out is subject to availability and a service fee applies. Check-in before noon is $25, check-in before 1pm is $35, and check-in before 5pm is 1/2 of the room rate. --Specific Unit and Floor Location Requirements: We cannot guarantee the availability of specific units or floor locations other than unit types. We will do our best to accommodate any specific unit and floor location requests on the first booking. Stable Inn reserves the right to transfer reservations with specific requirements to another unit or floor up to the price confirmed at the time of booking. --Noise level:All rooms are soundproofed, but we cannot guarantee silence. We ask guests to keep noise to a minimum after 23:00. -- Maximum number of guests: Each room has a maximum number of guests allowed to stay overnight. Exceeding the number of nights indicated on the reservation card without notice will result in termination of the rental agreement and forfeiture of all deposits and payments. --Pets: Only allowed in the designated rooms and in the hotel, we do not allow pets in the common areas, kitchen or other floors of the hotel. Violators will be fined $500. If a pet is found in a non-pet designated room, you will be asked to leave and your reservation will be cancelled. - Smoking: Smoking is prohibited in any room, public space or sidewalk. We ask that you smoke outside any cover and place your waste in appropriate containers. --DAMAGE POLICY: You are responsible for any damage caused (intentional, negligent or reckless to the room, hotel facilities, property or property by you or anyone traveling with you, whether or not you are staying at the hotel during your stay. The Stable Inn reserves the right to retain the credit and/or debit card details submitted by you upon registration and to charge the credit/debit card as it deems necessary, in its sole discretion, to offset or offset the The Stable Inn for the above reasons or the amount of costs or expenses incurred. We reserve the right and you authorize us to charge your credit or debit card for any damage caused to your room or motel property during your stay, including, among others, the entire property if such damage is discovered after guest departure lost or damaged items, smoking fees, cleaning fees, guest compensation, etc. Every effort will be made to minimize any costs guests may incur , as we will make every effort to correct any damage in-house before hiring a specialist to carry out the repairs. Damage Discovered After Check-Out: Rooms that are littered, disorganized and/or "abandoned" will incur a $500.00 deep cleaning maintenance fee, administration fees and/or third party fees.

Damage to the room:
Damage to rooms, fixtures, furniture and equipment, including removal of electronics, towels, artwork, etc., will be charged 150% of the full replacement value, new plus any shipping and handling charges. Any damage to motel property, whether accidental or intentional, is the responsibility of the registered guest of each particular room. Any costs associated with repairs and/or replacements will be charged to the registered guest's credit card. In extreme cases, criminal liability will be pursued.

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Damage to Sheets: Damage to mattresses and linens, including towels, mattresses, sheets, comforters, blankets resulting from the use of body oils, cosmetics, shoe polish, etc.

If you have any additional questions or concerns, please call 802.349-0979. When making a reservation at the Stable Inn, please note that the following policies apply:


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